🌞 9am-12pm: The Olympics Camp

Each day will be spent on a typical Olympic sport such as swimming, track and field, gymnastics, etc., where the campers will get to learn the history of the events, watching videos of world records, creating a medal for each day with craft supplies, and ending each day with a relay event. Grades 1-3

🌞 9am-12pm: LEGO Camp

Each day will be a theme such as car, boat, plane, skyscraper, etc. in which the campers will draw an idea, then build out of Lego blocks, then test their creations. Grades 1-3

🌞 9am-12pm: STEAM Camp

Each day we will focus on the components of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), with projects such as β€œegg drop”, raft building, etc., where the kids get to draw their plans, build their ideas, then test their creations. Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘ 1pm-4pm: Mindfulness / Yoga camp

Yoga and Mindfulness camp will gift students with stress management & confidence building tools that will last an lifetime. Each day children will partake in age appropriate yoga movement , breathwork, and meditation. Throughout the week we’ll also play mindfulness based games, create yoga themed crafts, and other sensory rich activities.Β  Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘ 1pm-4pm: Art Explorers (4-Day Camp)

This class is all aboutΒ building creativity! Children will have fun exploring different art mediums and learning fun ways to express themselves through their artwork. Note: This camp will meet on July 3, 5, 6, and 7Β only. We are closed on July 4th. Grades 1-3

🌞9am-12pm: Animal Adventures Camp

Did you know that a Monarch butterfly has 12,000 eyes, or that a crocodile can't stick its tongue out? If you love animals and want to have fun learning more about them, this is the camp for you! Grades 1-3

🌞9am-12pm: Puppet Camp

Campers will discover the wonder of puppetry as they make puppets, develop creative stories, and bring those stories to life in a culminating puppet showcase! Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: STEAM Explorers Camp

It's full "STEAM" ahead for a week of fun and excitement! Each day will be a fun new theme to explore - science, art, animals, history, and games. Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: Dance Camp!

Learn about the behind-the-scenes world of dance from a variety of cultures through games, crafts, and even a bit of dancing! No experience needed. Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: Songwriting for Kids!

From melody to rhythm, we'll listen to different genres, play with musical sounds, drum, create lyrics, and even look at digital music making software. No musical experience necessary, just your imagination! Grades 1-3

🌞9am-12pm: LEGO Engineering Camp

Calling all Lego engineers! Bring your imagination and get ready to build towering skyscrapers, Lego projects that "move," a future city, and so much more!! Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: Amazing Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Beasts

Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Oh My! Who are the most amazing creatures from each time period? You decide! We'll learn a little about each era through exploration and science projects, and even take a step into the Cenozoic era and see how it compares. Grades 1-3