🌞 9am-12pm: Messy Art

Let's get Messy through various art themed indoor and outdoor activities, such as, painting canvases, using paint balloons and puffy sidewalk chalk! Make sure to wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting Messy. Grades 1-3      

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: No Bake Foods Gr. 1-3

A no-bake camp where kids learn to make delicious treats without using an oven. They'll get to explore simple recipes and create their very own yummy snacks!! Children will also learn about food safety and basic kitchen skills. Plus, there will be some fun activities to keep them entertained. It's a great way for kids […]

🌞9am-12pm: Animal Adventures Camp

Join us for Animal Adventures! Explore the fascinating science of animals, uncovering mysteries of adaptations and more. A journey into the wild awaits, where curiosity meets discovery! Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: Dance Camp!

Learn various styles of dance and do various dance crafts and activities. At the end of the week, you will get the chance to show what you have learned to family in a few minute long dance Grades 1-3

🌞 9am-12pm: LEGO Camp

Unlock your imagination at Lego Camp! Each day will be a theme such as car, boat, plane, skyscraper, etc. in which the campers will draw an idea, then build out of Lego blocks, then test their creations. Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘ 1pm-4pm: Color Magic! Grades 1-3

Whether you’re an artist or interested in the science of color, you’ll love this camp! Learn how colors can be combined to make new colors using a variety of art mediums, like paint, pastels, colored pencils, homemade playdough, and tissue paper collage. Grades 1-3

🌞 9am-12pm: STEAM Camp

Welcome to STEAM Camp, where each day delves into science, technology, engineering, art, and math. From the 'egg drop' to raft building, kids draw plans, build ideas, and test creations. Get ready for a week of serious exploration! Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: Music Discovery 4-Day Camp

Embark on a melodic journey at Music Discovery Camp! Immerse yourself in the rhythm, discover the magic of melody, and explore an array of instruments. Join us for a harmonious adventure, unleashing your creativity in the world of music! Note: This camp meets for 4 days. There is no camp on July 4. Grades 1-3

🌞9am-12pm: Space Camp

Let's blast off to a week of space exploration! Create a "galaxy in a jar," build your own rocket, try the galaxy milk experiment, and get ready to investigate the universe! Grades 1-3

πŸ•1pm-4pm: LEGO Engineering Camp

At this summer LEGO camp we offer a unique opportunity for children to engage in STEM learning while having a blast. Through hands-on activities and challenges, our campers will tap into their imagination, problem-solving skills, and creativity as they build and design with LEGO bricks. From constructing robots to building structures, our experienced instructors will […]

🌞9am-12pm: Plants & Pollinators

Dive into the fascinating world of plants and pollinators! Our campers will embark on a journey of discovery as they learn about the vital role of pollinators in our ecosystem and the amazing process of plant reproduction through hands-on activities and interactive lessons. Our young scientists will explore the intricate relationships between flowers, bees, butterflies, […]

πŸ•1pm -4pm: Discovering the Wonders of the Sea

Calling all young explorers! Dive into a summer of adventure at our ocean-themed camp designed for 1st to 3rd graders. From discovering colorful fish and fascinating sea creatures to learning about coral reefs and the importance of ocean conservation, our campers will embark on a journey through the wonders of the sea. With hands-on activities, […]

🌞 9am-12pm: Olympics Camp Grades 1-3

Celebrate the Summer Olympics in style with SVDM! Campers will be sorted into teams representing different countries that they create as a group. This camp will exercise physical, mental, and crafting abilities as teams work together to compete in various Olympic style games. Let's Go for the Gold! Grades 1-3

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: STEAM Explorers Camp

STEAMβ€”It's all about exploring the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a creative and hands-on way. Young children will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that sparks curiosity, nurtures creativity, and encourages a love for learning! The camp will foster a supportive and inclusive environment where children can […]

πŸ•‘ 1pm-4pm: Craft Odyssey Camp

Craft Odyssey Camp invites kids on a journey of creative discovery! Dive into the world of crafts, where each session sparks artistic exploration. Grades 1-3

🌞9am-12pm: Puppet Camp Grades 1-3

Explore the magic of puppetry at camp! Craft puppets, weave imaginative tales, and bring stories to life in a spectacular puppet showcase. Join us for a whimsical journey into the world of puppetry! Grades 1-3

🌞9am-12pm: Time Traveler Camp!

Travel with us as we explore past civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Nordic Viking, and Native Americans (amongst others) through hands on exploration and play! Grades 1-3  

πŸ•‘1pm-4pm: The Science of Music and Sound

Dive into the Science of Music and Sound! Explore the fascinating world of sound waves, unravel the mysteries of our ears, and delve into how our brains process music. Engage in hands-on music-making and sound activities for a captivating and educational experience! Grades 1-3