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Special Night!

The Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum will once again be offering  unique evening events to the public, focusing on special needs children and their caretakers in 2018.  Families of children with special needs are invited to enjoy an evening of play in the Discovery Museum with special amenities. The night will feature activities designed with the senses in mind, exhibits with lowered volume and lighting, as well as a cool-down space. These accommodations are offered so that children with physical, cognitive, or emotional difficulties can truly enjoy the museum experience. This event will be free to families of children with special needs and takes place from 6-8 PM. Families are invited to come at 5:30 PM for a designated quiet time for families as needed.


This event is especially crafted for children who have special needs, and their immediate family and this will be the 7th time the museum has been able to offer this event. The Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum partnered with occupational therapists from Valley Health to develop the programming for this event. The evening’s activities include assistance from licensed occupational therapists, special education instructors and other volunteers. Other events have included specially designated “sensory room,” a dentist specializing in special needs patients, sign language instructors, animal assisted therapy, a percussionist, and more! Through the generous support of Don Beyer Volvo and Valley Health, the Discovery Museum is able to offer this event on a quarterly basis.


Our 2018 Special Night for Special Needs events will be:


  • January 26
  • March 16
  • May 11
  • October 12
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