Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum

Educator FAQ’s

Do we have to request a program or can we just come and play?

No, a program does not need to be included for you and your students to have a spectacular visit to our museum! There’s plenty to see and do!

What age levels are best supported by this museum?

We welcome anyone into our museum, but the majority of our visitors are from ages 2-12. We can adapt programming to suit your needs as necessary.

How long will my visit take?

We schedule our field trips for 2 hours. That is about how long it takes the average visitor to see and enjoy everything our museum has to offer.

What state standards are covered in your museum?

Our program menu contains a list of standards which are covered by individual programs. Our exhibits cover a variety of concepts from physics to biology to art and music. Specific information on standards for exhibits can be obtained by contacting our museum directly.

Please feel free to call 540-722-2020 with any questions.

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